Santa Claus is Coming!

Hello Everyone,

Christmas celebrations in July are over and I realized I had not taken the time to fill you in on our year so far.

Mrs. Claus and I are having a busy summer! We have been traveling all over doing some initial checking of the naughty and nice list. Vacation time can make it easy for some of you to slide into the naughty areas. I am happy to report that in all the places we checked everyone was still on the nice list. That is really good news. Keep up the good work!

Most of you boys and girls are heading back to school now so that is good for everyone (children, parents and teachers). Even the elves are back in class as we work on building new toys and fix some problems with last year’s models. Once the training is done it is back to production! It certainly is a busy time up at the North Pole for all of us.

You all continue to stay on the nice list and I will be seeing you before you know it.


Santa’s trying a new form of transportation and brought Mrs. Claus along for the ride.

Posted by Celebration Aviation, Inc. on Thursday, September 10, 2015

 Video of Santa Trying out New Transportation Options

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